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Height: 6'2"     Weight: 205 lbs.     Hair: Buzzed     Eyes: Brown Hazel

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Born and raised in Ohio, Stetson Turner is an award winning professional actor and award nominated voiceover talent with many years of experience in the entertainment industry.

As an actor, he brings a unique perspective to his roles thanks to his varied background and experiences. Such as a high school athlete, guitarist, ranch hand, former bull rider, welder, mechanic, monster truck builder and veteran automotive engineer. His ability to perform across multiple forms of media allows him to bring a versatile approach to each project. Stetson has a keen sense of situational awareness and an eye for detail, making him a reliable talent and thorough performer.

When it comes to voiceover, he excels at bringing scripts to life with his powerful commanding low and rough delivery. He has lent his voice to a wide variety of projects, from commercials and video games to trailers and podcasts.

Overall, Stetson's dedication to his craft and his commitment to professionalism make him a valuable addition to any project.

"I am passionate about what I do and always strive to exceed expectations with the utmost professionalism. I look forward to being useful, so thank you for considering me for your next project!" - Stetson Turner

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